Project Description


Unique food-trailer* (mobile or stationary) for the sale of Doener-Kebap

*design under trade mark protection, see attached leaflet

Standard Equipment

grill (gas or electrical), suitable for the type of meat to be sold, incl. motor if
sink incl. hot and cold water supply
refrigerator, chilled salad bar
vapor absorber, lighting
working desk
various serving desks connected with the dinette

special outfit upon request; all equipment according to the respective national standards


length of the dinette                          3425 mm;     135 inch
overall length of the mobile type           5125 mm;    202 inch
width of the dinette                           2500 mm;      98 inch
heigth (of the mobile type)                  2900 mm;    114 inch
weight (net, mobile type):                                    810 kg

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