Make yourselves independent with Döner-mobile
A success concept for product in quality

Your strong partner for your secured existence with DÖNER-mobile.
Where PEPSI-sales-trailer stands, is DÖNER in it!

You could get your prospective investment plan and further important
information from

Murat Özdemir
Wendelsteinstr. 10 b
D-83064 Raubling/Germany
Phone: ++49/8035/65 77
Fax:    ++49/8035/87 44 32
Handy: ++49/171/865 62 22

Independent businessman, not being a self-fighter

A self-fighter will have more difficulties than dynamic enterprisers those who
follow its strategy of partnership.

The strategy of DÖNER and PEPSI partnership is a strong community at hight quality and good taste level.

A strong partnership between PEPSI and DÖNER will bring you a profit because of the following reasons:

· attractive capital outlays
· joint publicity campaigns
· well known name value
· secured DÖNER taste by patented DÖNER marinade
· trained, simplified preparation and manufacturing process
· cost minimizing by together purchase the DÖNER meats, bread, salad/vegetable,
  yogurt and many others

These arguments convince:

A secured independent business by a concept already tested over years. The DÖNER-sales-container
concept in connection with a strong label "PEPSI" convinces your customer that where PEPSI stands,
DÖNER is in it. The innovative organization of roomy sales-can catches all eyes.

Places of work without boundaries:
· Motorway restaurants
· Shopping centers
· Sports centers
· Football stadiums
· Swimming centers
· Open air festivals
· Fairs
· Folk festivals
· Cinema centers
· Entertainment parks
· Skiing resort
· Trade areas
· Downtown
· Pedestrian precinct
· Parking lots and, and, and ……

Make a profit, at wherever the customers are!

Be placed on only 6 m˛ of professional technique.

Configuration incl.:

· salad container
· DÖNER grill and motor
· fume exhaust
· lights
· basin (cold/warm water)
· Hygiene package
· and everthing belong to preparation

Fact is, that this DÖNER franchising system overcome unprofessional and quality gap which is obviously
can be found. To the comparison: A Mc Donald's hamburger in Hamburg tastes exactly same as in Munich.
But you will not find two DÖNER with the same taste. Only few DÖNER in the market are sufficiently peppered
and mostly they are not correctly prepared.

Only at Döner-franchising, you are guaranteed to taste high quality of DÖNER

Market / DÖNER operation

Market: Market stage, history in the market, growth of competion, innovation possibilities.

a) Market stage: Momentary status, many are integrated in each city.
Everyone runs their own. DÖNER is already being shown in Germany for 15 years.

b) Innovation possibilities: Introduction of new or improved products and procedures in new ranges of application. Development of new markets for old and new products.

c) Size of market: about 2000 DÖNER shops only in Berlin. More turnover than Mc Donald's plus Burger King plus Wienerwald. More than 30.000 DÖNER shops in Germany.

d) Employed: ? - numbers are not countable

e) Potential: each German ate 1994 2 kg DÖNER - tendency rising

f) Market apperance: predominantly unprofessional with not proper quality of consultation, hygiene, technical standard and service.

g) Development chances: basically positive whith rising interest of the consumer (target group extension)

h) Turnkey object (PEPSI-can): Organization of the loading mechanism, calculation, control the work execution, completion dates and accounting, consultation for configuration, object acceptance. Special target: operation
available at,for example, Imbiss, highway restaurants, shopping centers, football stadium, swimming area, open air festivals, fairs, any type of meeting places.

These target groups are to be diveded in categories:

- DÖNER integrated building with PEPSI-Logo in connection with DÖNER-mobile
- Sales container in form of can